Test Probes

Test Probes worldwide: spring-loaded, pneumatic, as switching, high-frequency or high-current test probe, rotating or non-rotating test probes. There are more than 15.000 variants in over 350 series.

High performance circuit board level testing up to 20 GHz
Selection includes e.g. 1 point and multi-point tips, with internal attenuation and pneumatic probes
Very tolerant and durable, high precision, quality materials and assemblies, very small testing points
Several tip styles and installation heights
Largest assortment worldwide

Electronics R&D
Electronics production lines
Cost-effective types depending on application
Less errors while testing

Test Probe Receptacles
For any standard RF connector types (SMA, BNC...) and PCB land pattern shapes (test pads)
Interfaces for HDMI, USB and RJ45
More than 450 versions available
Electronics and circuit board testing and production
Receptacle can endure hundreds more contacts than a common adapter or connector
Extremely low insertion loss and excellent RF transfer characteristics
Wide range of interfaces but also customer specified probes are possible
To ensure highest RF performance Ingun suggests using Huber+Suhner connectors