The RX-711AS features temperature adjustment and display. This soldering station is a precision, Japanese manufactured instrument with excellent temperature stability and anti-static characteristics. The light weight soldering pencil (80 grams) has a grounded tip and incorporates a ceramic heater with an integral temperature sensor. The sensor provides precise tip-temperature information to the heater controller which maintains the selected heat setting with a high degree of accuracy. Temperature stability is further enhanced by designing the heater to actually fit within a matching recess in the tip. This allows faster heat transfer and therefore better tip-temperature recovery during heavy soldering. The soldering pencil is fitted with a silicon rubber grip for added handling precision and a 1.2 metre long silicone sheathed cord attaches to the console controller via a 5 pin DIN connector. The silicon cord is incredibly supple. The controller is a deceptively simple yet sophisticated unit. The control panel includes the 3 digit LED digital temperature display, a rotary temperature control, calibration control and a display changeover switch to display either the desired or actual tip temperature. The panel is secured behind a darkened see-through cover which prevents accidental temperature changes but can be easily accessed when required or it can be locked with the phillips head screw provided. Specifications: Power requirement: 220-240VAC 50/60Hz. Soldering Temperature: 200°C to 480°C (ideal for un-leaded solder). Temperature hystersis: +/- 3°C. Goes from cold to 350°C in 45 seconds. RX72GAS soldering pencil: 24VAC 60W (lighter and smaller than the RX70GAS). Gross weight: 2.7Kg. Comes with 0.5mm soldering tip (PX-60RT-B). The 0.2mm tip (PX-60RT-SB) is optional (sorry, we have no other tips available), iron stand with sponge, 17 page instruction manual, CDROM and 12 months warranty